The Infidel 3D CoolTubz Handguard for YOUR AR-15 Released Today !

ar 15 handguard infidel main 768x1113 min 1The Infidel 3D Free Float Handguard CoolTubz for YOUR AR-15 Released

CoolTubz™ are the ultimate Free Float Handguards for YOUR AR-15

Infidel, pretty much says it all doesn't it? If you are an Infidel as defined by some, our CoolTubz™ “Infidel”, the 3D molded AR-15 Free Floating Handguard, is the right choice for you.

Our Infidel Handguard displays INFIDEL proudly in bold text while further translating it into Arabic for those that can't read English. Prominently displayed on the top there's an outrageous skull design with the 1000 yard blank stare, festooned with flying American eagle wings, ready to take those to paradise. All this fielded against a backdrop of stars symbolizing the American flag.

Assault Your Senses, and Theirs with a Cooltubz™.

Love hunting Zombies? Are you an Operator? An Infidel? Don't like your 2nd Amendment rights "Tread Upon"? Dare them to "Come And Take It"? Are you a Rebel? Or do you just want to have the most unique AR-15..EVER? Take a look at the other CoolTubz™ available, we are always adding more. 

CoolTubz™ AR-15 3D Handguards - We've Got One Made Just For YOU!