The "Operator" 3D CoolTubz Handguard for YOUR AR-15 Released Today !

ar 15 handguard cooltubz operator main image 768x1113 1 min 1The "Operator" 3D Free Float CoolTubz Handguard for YOUR AR-15 Released.

Operator, the name pretty much sums up your skills, and puts the fear of God in your enemies. Glove up and fight. You're the best in the world at close-quarter combat and you know it. Always practicing your musical "double tap" rhythmic notes on your AR.

Our Operator model has classic super grip styling, with minimal embellishment, and is available in 4 different lengths to accommodate any platform.

Glove up and get a grip with our Operator 3D AR-15 Handguard.

Assault Your Senses, and Theirs with a Cooltubz™.

Love hunting Zombies? Are you an Operator? An Infidel? Don't like your 2nd Amendment rights "Tread Upon"? Dare them to "Come And Take It"? Are you a Rebel? Or do you just want to have the most unique AR-15..EVER? Take a look at the other CoolTubz™ available, we are always adding more. 

CoolTubz™ AR-15 3D Handguards - We've Got One Made Just For YOU!