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Zombie Hunter 3D CoolTubz Handguard for YOUR AR-15 Released Today

ar 15 handguard cooltubz zombie main image 768x1113 1 min 1Zombie Hunter 3D Free Float CoolTubz Handguard for YOUR AR-15 Released

Are you a Zombie Hunter or just love Zombies? If you are, our CoolTubz “Zombie Hunter”, the 3D molded AR-15 Free Floating Handguard, is right for you.

Fight off the global zombie infestation full of mindless, unthinking dead, who are hungry for human flesh. Probably yours.

Is your liver or heart about to become a midnight snack for these reanimated human corpses? Are you worried that mobs of flesh eating ghouls going to be visiting you soon? The surest way to put down one of these creatures is to shoot it in the brain.

Our Zombie Hunter is over the top, emblazoned with "Zombie Hunter" text, with over 7 different individual, highly detailed Zombies. As a feature the "O" in Zombie Hunter is replace with a reticle, zeroed in on severed Zombie head being held up by a disembodied Zombie arm.

Take the shot! You will love this one. The Zombie Hunter from CoolTubz™.

Assault Your Senses, and Theirs with a Cooltubz™.

Love hunting Zombies? Are you an Operator? An Infidel? Don't like your 2nd Amendment rights "Tread Upon"? Dare them to "Come And Take It"? Are you a Rebel? Or do you just want to have the most unique AR-15..EVER? Take a look at the other CoolTubz™ available, we are always adding more. 

CoolTubz™ AR-15 3D Handguards - We've Got One Made Just For YOU!