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Pretty easy. If you have the wrench to loosen the lock ring, installation is just a matter of screwing off your old handguard and screwing on your new CoolTubz. If it takes you more than ten minutes, you stopped to get a beer out of the fridge.

Take a look at the image of the barrel nut on our site. The ID threads are standard across the board that screw on to the upper receiver. The OD needed is 47MM X 1.0 thread pitch. This come standard on pretty much all AR15's.

All the aftermarket handguards you see utilize this nut assembly. They are not included with the CoolTubz'

We offer the barrel nuts for sale if you need one as an ADD-ON item.

The CoolTubz™ are made from carbon fiber impregnated with a high heat epoxy and overmolded with a polymer, similar to ABS. Additionally it has a full length heatshield installed.

An occasional mag dump/rapid fire should be ok, each CoolTubz™ has a full length heatsheild installed. However if you want to do a "Ted Cruz" bacon frying demonstration, or have a "slide-fire" type of stock, the answer is no. Stick with your aluminum handguard. There is no warranty offered for mag dumps or full auto use.

Normal use should offer no problems.

If you already have a low profile gas block on your rifle, you need do nothing further. If you have the M4 front sight/block or another type of hi profile block it will need to be changed.

Yes, the ID of the CoolTubz™ AR15 handguards are 1.81" or 46MM.

You bet, as long as you have the barrel nut OD threads of 47MM X1, it will fit!

Here's a breakdown on the weights with the installed aluminum heatshield. To give you an idea a 6" Aluminum handguard weighs 16+ OZ or 453 grams, and that's for a SMALL handguard. Being made of carbon fiber CoolTubz™ are stiffer lighter and stronger.  It makes a difference when you are swinging your rifle to get on target.

Carbon Fiber CoolTubz™

  • 7" 66 grams / 2.32 OZ
  • 9" 81 grams / 2.85 OZ
  • 12" 105 grams / 3.70 OZ
  • 15" 126 Grams / 4.44 OZ

Carbon Fiber 3D Molded Infidel, Spartan, Rebel, etc, CoolTubz™

  • 10.25" 224 Grams / 7.9 OZ
  • 12" 255 Grams / 8.99 OZ
  • 15" 272 Grams / 9.59 OZ

Carbo Fiber 3D Molded "Operator" CoolTubz™

  • 7" 160 Grams / 5.64 OZ
  • 9" 177 Grams / 6.24 OZ
  • 12" 195 Grams / 6.87 OZ
  • 15" 201 Grams / 7.09 OZ

Just regular soap and water should do it. Like any plastic part, don't use acetone or lacquer thinner to clean it. Wipe off any harsh solvents immediately.