Cooltubz AR-15 Carbon Fiber Free Float Handguards slide-2

AR15 Handguard Slide 2

CoolTubz™ Stunning 3D Designs

Love hunting Zombies? Put one of these nasty Zombies in your sights. Or how about the snake and eagle letting them know how you feel about your 2nd Amendment rights "Don't Tread On Me"?

With blood dripping off his sword from others, our Spartan dare's them to try to "Come And Take It"? Are you a Rebel, have Southern Pride? Are you an Operator? An Infidel? Or do you just want to have the most unique AR-15..EVER?. CoolTubz™ is your ultimate AR-15 Accessory.

Our CoolTubz™ designs are illustrated exclusively for us by one of the top graphic illustrators in the world. Hundreds of hours are spent on each design to get them looking exactly right for your AR-15.

We've got one CoolTubz™ just for you!

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